5 Tips To Lose Weight Quickly !

By following these tips NOW you will lose weight before christmas 2017 !

Tip #1 : Walk atleast 30 minutes per day !

We all know that you need to move your body in order to burn calories , but what most people don’t know its that walking for just 30 minutes per day will drastically improve weightloss results ! 

What i don’t mean by walking for 30 minutes per day is simply walking from the fridge to your living room sofa, and from your sofa to your toilet & from your toilet straight back to your fridge….

Simply walk for 30 minutes straight every day and you will burn calories like crazy ! 

Walk your dog or walk to your work instead of driving there if this is an option for you, it will not only save money on gas but you will also burn calories while doing it ( win/win ).


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Tip #2 : Visit your local gym atleast twice per week !

Making time to visit the gym isn’t easy for most hard working people. And when you do have the time to go you usually are to lazy to go….. Am i right?

NO ! Stop making excuses now !

By simply visiting your local gym just 2 times per week and doing both cardio + muscle exercises you will lose weight like you won’t even believe.

The hard part is going there twice a week in the first place, once you are there its easy.

Tip #3 : Use the right protein supplement when you train at your gym !

Using the right protein supplement when exercising your muscles is extremely important. On our ‘homepage‘ aswell as in our ‘shop‘ you can find multiple DELICIOUS protein powders !

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Tip #4 : Drink at least 0.5 Liters of water and or GreenTea per day !

Water : 0.00000000 calories !

GreenTea : Minimal calories !

Drinking water and or green tea is healthy, yes we all know that. But did you know that by drinking at least 0.5L per day will drastically improve weight loss?

Try to drink 1 large cup of water before every single meal you eat. Every meal? even a snack? YES ! every meal.

Because water has absolute zero calories but still has a lot of mass it will fill up your stomach quickly, not only helping you to stay hydrated but also to prevent you from over eating !

Drinking lots of green tea instead of lemonade/cola/coffee/ etc will also help you fill up your stomach with healthy liquids.

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