How to stop gaining weight ?

Have you been struggling to lose weight? If so follow these 3 easy steps to prevent you from gaining more weight. The more kilo’s you gain the harder it becomes to lose them. So it’s a good idea to stop gaining weight today !

Drinking lots and lots of water :

Drinking a large cup of water before every single meal will help you to stop gaining weight today. Since water has absolute zero calories but still a lot of liquid mass it will fill up a good part of your stomach. This not only helps you to stay hydrated but will also prevent you from over eating.

Your goal should be to drink at least 1 full liter of water per day. But even drinking just 0.5L will drastically improve weight loss. Another great alternative to drinking only water is drinking lots of green tea.

Drinks you should absolutely avoid when trying to prevent gaining any more weight :

  • Cola (or any kind of sugary beverage for that matter)
  • Coffee ( 1 cup of coffee per day won’t harm you that much, but at least try drinking your coffee without any sugar if your taste buds will allow you to do so )
  • Same as cola you should of course also avoid drinking any kind of energy drinks.
  • Tea “With sugar” ( try drinking tea without adding sugar, if you have a real sweet tooth and can’t stand the taste of non-sweet-tea try adding a small spoon of honey instead. Honey is a better alternative than regular sugar but only if you add a little )

Healthy snacking :

Next time your stomach makes that sound, you know which one i mean…. That Brrhhhrrrrrr “call for food” sound , instead of eating one of your favourite chocolate chipped cookies eat something healthy. I know what you must be thinking now, if my stomach makes that sound there is no way in hell that it will stop after eating say a simple carrot, an apple, a banana etc. It needs something actually filling to stop… right ?

But this is just your mind playing tricks with you. It’s almost like your mind is telling you that your stomach wont stop making noises and giving you that ‘hungry’ feeling untill you eat something that’s totally un-healthy.

But you need to be strong ! 

-CLICK HERE- To get inspired to make healthy / green & organic snacks for you to enjoy while still being able to stop gaining weight !

Walking 5 for 5 minutes every 60 minutes :

If you work in an office enviroment sitting behind  a desk from 9 to 5 you’re not burning many calories. This is simply because to burn calories aka lose weight, you need to move. And no moving just your fingers, no matter how fast you can type on your keyboard doesn’t count. 

So a good way to keep moving is simple walking for just 5 minutes at least once every hour. This will keep your body in a calorie burning mood. No matter how harsh your boss can be no body should complain if you just stood up and walked for 5 minutes per hour. But just incase you really are not allowed to do this then here is another great little tip to keep moving ; instead of spending your 15-30 minutes breaks only drinking coffee and or smoking, try walking at least 3 to 5 times around your office building. This might seem a bit crazy but once you keep doing this it will become a normal thing to do very quickly, and don’t worrie even one second about those co workers that might point a finger at you, they are just jealous of you for not having that same commitment that you have !